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I’m refreshing all of my social media websites. Not that anyone cares, but I am. Ha
Go me!

I haven’t been on Tumblr is soooo long, but here I am making a post just for the hell of it! ;]
I don’t have anything specific to talk about so I’ll just document the moment:

Things in my life right now couldn’t be better; I finally moved out, I have a decent job, I’m healthy, I have a sweet kitty cat companion, and I’m constantly meeting cool, unique people. My days usually consist of something new and different and I’m never bored, which is such a refreshing change of pace. I’ll admit though that these new found responsibilities I have bestowed upon myself are more or less getting to me. One in particular, that anyone could probably guess, that has me concerned is rent. I’m confident I’ll be ok but there’s this lingering feeling, I contemplate regularly, that I’m going to be short, which would be such a degrading feeling. Luckily, I have supportive parents who have offered to help me if I need it, which is nice but I want to do this on my own- the whole point of moving out! I have a good week and a half to scramble up the rest of the dough, but this could be tricky due to the fact that I need to go grocery shopping soon and Oliver needs cat food and I need to fill up my gas tank.
I plan on getting cat food tonight, but I’m going to hold off on the gas and groceries as long as I can.
I guess this is the beginning of my adventure as a young, hungry student/writer/server/searcher of a second job as an effort to get by.

So latee, I need sleep but I need my laptop to update this software already. It’s taken all day so far, literally. 

One more day of Novemburrr, and it’s already snowed in Indiana. (yes!) I’ve told a few people this, but my theory, thought, wish has always been that if it snows before my birthday, I’m going to have a good year…..and this time it’s already snowed six days in advance. Last year I think it snowed the day of my birthday and this past year is no longer worth mentioning, so I guess my theory is plausible. Snow brings me luck! And since it snowed early this year….. ;D

That was always one thing I loved more than anything when we lived in Illinois; that first snowfall after a long, blistering summer. And it never failed to snow in good time before my celebration of existence, which I suppose I had Lake Michigan to thank for that…or just the good cold fronts that tended to settle in around that time every year…and the tilt of the Earth’s axis. 

Either way!, snow and everything that comes along with it has always been something I long for even immediately after it disappears. My first dog, Buddy, and I were so good at getting lost in the backyard in Aurora and Yorkville after a good foot or two had built up. He would bound through mounds of snow relentlessly while I built forts and snowmen.

It doesn’t snow here like it did up North but that’s ok, because if I ever want back a taste of my childhood or the memories that were made during those chillier months, I’ll always know where to find it during the best time of the year. 

This is gonna me this Christmas…

Just hanging around…

I’m pretty sure these are Oliver’s cousins. 

Can I have these for Christmas?? :]

Hmmmm, ideas. :]

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Oh yes! Possibly making these this weekend…. :}